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Working From Home in an Apartment

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Many companies have adapted to a hybrid model, allowing employees to work a portion of the week at home and the remaining time in the office to help create a home/life balance. In doing so companies are finding increased productivity with reduced costs. Are you currently or planning to work from home? If the answer is yes, working from home doesn't have to be limited to your apartment.

Create a space that separates “home and office” so that your home isn’t synonymous with work; this will help you separate yourself from work and avoid burnout. The Beacon at Waugh Chapel offers several spaces right outside your door to help with this. The Business Center, Clubhouse and Games Room are all equipped with WiFi, a place to sit, and a bright, pleasant environment. You could also get some fresh air during your breaks by exploring the outdoor areas of the community, or even take your laptop outside and set-up at one of the patio tables.

These alternative places to work in our community are made for you and your comfort. We hope you are able take advantage of all of the spaces in our community to make your work from home experience more productive and relaxing!

Below are some tips for creating a successful work-from-home atmosphere:

  • Stick to a schedule and create rituals. Some remote work positions have flexible hours, but setting and sticking to a schedule will help you maintain a work/life balance by staying focused throughout the day and allowing you step away from work at the end of your shift. Creating rituals can also help with this. Maybe brewing a cup a coffee or tea everyday could signify the start of the work day and taking an afternoon walk outside could replace a “commute” and signify a shift to home time.
  • It can be a great refresh to take your work elsewhere, such as to the Business Center or onto your patio. This helps break-up the monotony and helps keep you from seeing your home as your sole workplace.
  • Make sure you are taking plenty of breaks – 5-10mins where you can stand-up, move your body and give your eyes a screen break.
  • If you have a pet – include them in your day. A few minutes with your best friend can change your whole mindset and give you the refresh you need to finish your work day on a positive note.
  • Since you have access to your own kitchen and pantry, try to make healthy eating choices.
  • Open a window – It may sound simple, but just a bit of fresh air or noises from outside can help you connect with the work around you and not make you feel cooped-up while working from home.
  • Listening to music can give you more energy. Since you’re working from home, maybe try enjoying some upbeat or relaxing favorites – you likely don’t even need headphones.
  • Encourage your colleagues to have virtual interactions where you can enjoy each other’s company outside of work – Maybe swap favorite recipes, start a book club, or just have a happy hour and hang out. Having this social time may improve your working relationships and strengthen your team.

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